Hangzhou Bais Chemical Technology Co., Ltd.
About Us
In order to cope with the increasingly severe environmental protection situation and comply with the concept of green, safe, efficient and sustainable development of China's chemical industry, Runze Chemical and Stan Chemical merged and jointly established: Bais Chemical Technology Co., Ltd.. Runze Chemical is an active player in those fields of lubricants and metalworking fluid additives. It has high-efficiency and advanced chemical production facility and sed workers, and with a complete treatment system for waste water, waste gas and waste residue, which can well meet the latest various strict regulations from national environment protection; Stan Chemical has strong R&D teams and quality control management experience, and has good technical reserve in functional materials of cosmetic and sales channels for small and medium-sized customers around the world. The joint company will continue to serve our customers with quality products & good service! The main business of Bais Chemical will involve: 1) Metalworking fluid additives such as water-based corrosion inhibitors, metal deactivators, AW/EP additives 2) High-quality lubricant additives such as oil-based corrosion inhibitors, Friction modifiers, metal deativators, AW/EP additives, Antioxidants. 3) Rubber additives 4) Cosmetic ingredients such as: glyoxyloyl carbocysteine, glyoxyloyl keratin amino acids, Zinc pyrithione,Climbazole,Ceramide ,o-Cymen-5-ol,1,2-dihydroxyindole etc 5) Various electronic, pharmaceutical, specialty chemicals. Our vision is to provide the customer-oriented and the most worry-free service to our customers with the most demanding quality standards, and become a fine chemical company with high sense of responsibility and honor.
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